Bishop House designs beautiful products that elevate your home with a clear and simple purpose. We believe that whether used twice a day or once per quarter, the objects in your home  should last a lifetime. Products like this require the right materials, and at Bishop House, we use only premium materials like stainless steel, handblown borosilicate glass, and 24k gold.

The elevated home is considered, but friendly. Curated, but with character. It is in this ethos our products are developed, living in the space between contemporary and classic, always anchoring on rich distinction and personality. Each design from Bishop House is our devotion to honest and original design.


"I launched Bishop House with the goal of upgrading the experience of drinking morning coffee and evening tea for myself—and others, of course. I’d like to see a world where tea and coffee garner the same respect and presentation as a great glass of wine.”

- Brian Sunderland, Founder