An Epic Tea or Coffee Cup:  Bishop House is a Portland-based high-end luxury housewares company, and Thalia is their first-ever iteration of elevated teaware--designed to enhance the experience of drinking tea and coffee. Elegant and exquisite, the Thalia piece includes a hand-blown borosilicate glass bowl nestled in a cantilevered stainless steel base, plated in either 24-karat gold or pure silver. See article


A new hero has emerged for aesthetically underserved tea drinkers: Bishop House. Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Brian Sunderland, the Portland Ore., company enlisted designer James Owen to create high-concept glassware that elevates the hot-beverage game. See article



As much a work of art as a drinking vessel, these Portland, Oregon–designed cups feature a cantilevered structure with a 24-karat gold-plated base supporting a borosilicate glass bowl. Sip in opulence. See article


With a mesmerizing spiral design reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period, the Thalia collection by Bishop House takes morning coffee or afternoon tea to a whole new level. Each piece features a handblown borosilicate glass bowl nested in a cantilevered stainless steel base plated in 24-karat gold or sterling silver. SEE ARTICLE



There are two things I am tired of: the overlay casual state of everything and lukewarm coffee. This winter, I'm wrapping my hands around some fashionable solutions for both. First, I feel like curtsying over this elevated teacup from budding housewares purveyor Bishop House. SEE ARTICLE


Impress even a sultan with gorgeous golden cantilevered Thalia Mugs, made as a collaboration between local product developer James Owen and Bishop House owner Brian Sunderland. The two worked for six months to find an adhesive that could bond borosilicate glass, 24k gold, and stainless steel and handle both 200-degree tea and iced coffee. See article