Thalia means youth and beauty, and is the first of the Three Graces – A collection of 24k gold or silver plated glasses, designed in Portland, Oregon. 


Cantilevered Structure

Thalia's cantilevered 24k gold or silver plated structure cradles a handmade borosilicate glass bowl that reflects back down onto the base.


Spiraled Design

Thalia's mesmerizing spiral design has no beginning and no end. This new, long-lasting coffee and tea glass is the perfect addition to your routine.


Thalia (set of 2) - $295

Thalia is designed by James Owen in Portland, Oregon. With its suspended body and glass bowl, the Thalia glass, by Bishop House, is the perfect upgrade to your morning stemware collection.

Materials: Stainless Steel, 24k gold or silver plating, and borosilicate glass

Capacity: 12 fluid ounces

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Arriving 2018